Why we’re here

Too many issues, too much disinformation.

MOST people don’t have all day to study the issues. 

We’re building 3-minute explainers so you

  • Can quickly understand the issue.
  • Easily remember the facts.
  • Can be confident that the information has been verified.

We are clear, well-researched and reliable.

Who we are

We are technologists, marketing professionals, academics, writers, communicators, and citizens who are worried.

  • There’s too much noise and disinformation in the media.
  • It’s hard too know where to get real answers.

We get confused too

So we’re digging into these topics and learning.

Then sharing what we learn.

You’ll learn more about the people at work here over the next couple of weeks.

Why Disinformation works:

  • There’s just so much of it.
  • Extremists have connected their networks to spread lies fast, far and wide.
  • Very influential people repeat, repeat, repeat.

We’re pushing back.

We don’t think disinformation should be allowed to dominate.

So we’re building:

  • A network of partners, friends, allies and influencers sharing honest, carefully researched information.
  • Taking points, and media that help people remember it.
  • Explainers get you to the answers fast.

Honor Code

  • We do our best to ensure that any information we share is true and reliable.
  • If we make a mistake we correct it immediately.
  • There will be times when issues aren’t easily summed up in a few points, we will tell people when we’re over-simplifying.
  • If we find that there is more than one valid argument, we will say so. 
  • We don’t break laws.

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