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Is it safe to open schools? (Mid July)

– No. It is not safe to open schools when the virus is spreading.
– To safely open schools we need:
– Low virus spread in the community.
– Lots of virus testing and fast results.
– Protective equipment and plans for students and staff.
– Opening schools before it’s safe could make everything much worse.

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Should I wear a mask?

– My mask protects you, your mask protects me.
– Science, not politics.
– Yes, wear a mask in public, especially indoors.

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What is Antifa and should we be worried?

Antifa is

  • Not an organization.
  • Not at the protests.
  • Not coming to your town on a bus.

Antifa is

  • An ideology committed to fighting back against violent fascist extremists.
  • Willing to clash and fight, but not with guns or other deadly weapons.

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